Thursday, December 28, 2017

Ballistic Shockwave Sensors For Wild Elephants

The Government has drawn its attention to replacing the existing GPS collars with ballistic shock sensors to identify wild elephants.

Several environmental activists’ organizations met Wildlife Minister Gamini Jayawickrama Perera yesterday (05) to discuss the killing of the tusker, Galgamuwe Dala Poottuwa and other issues with regard to wild elephants.

The environmental activist, Shashikalana Ratwatta told our news team that they decided to x
40 ballistic shock sensor collars to wild elephants under the rest phase of the programme.

Meanwhile, police arrested 3 suspects with 3 elephant pearls in their possession at Palukandawa in Galgamuwa yesterday (05).

The seized elephant pearls are believed to have been extracted from the slain tusker, Galgamuwe Dala Poottuwa.

The suspects who have been arrested on a tip-off, are residents of Galgamuwa.

Earlier, 10 suspects were arrested in connection with the killing of the tusker.

Several elephant pearls and a few ivory pendants believed to have been made of the tusks of the slain wild elephant were also seized by the police thereafter.

In addition, CID is continuing investigations to arrest few more suspects linked to the killing of the tusker.

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