Thursday, November 15, 2007

On the elephant trail

By Lakwimashi Perera, Sunday Times
November 11, 2007

Following the footprints of Asia’s majestic beast, Thusitha Ranasinghe, founder of Eco Maximus will be collecting elephant dung from intense human – elephant conflict areas to be turned into paper and sent to over 10 countries around the world. Eco Maximus is venturing into Dambulla trying to add economic value to the animal which is regarded as a pest and detested in the area.

“Dung from the elephants used in elephant safaris in Habarana will be used,” Ranasinghe, who is also the Managing Director of Eco Maximus, told The Sunday Times FT, adding that they will also look at buying

droppings of wild elephants that can be collected from the jungles by the villagers.

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