Saturday, October 22, 2016

Gal-Oya residents reach out to Gammadda as elephants continue to wander

News 1st , which keeps it word and fulfills it promises to the people, visited the Gal-Oya Settlementon Friday.

News1st made a promise that the Gammadda 100 Day Initiative would look into the issue in Gal-Oya Settlement, which has been neglected by authorities over the years.

Upon arrival at the village this morning we heard of the tragic story.It has become a common sight in the area to see houses that were constructed to ensure the safety of it’s residents, being destroyed like mere toys.. The lone elephant, that was terrorising the area for days destroyed this house today, taking away their only assets, the harvested paddy.

The tussle with wild elephants has become a regular activity in the lives of these people, as the fence that was set up to protect them is malfunctioning.Not a single house had been spared by  wild elephants in this village. Similarly, not a single fruit tree too had been spared.

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