Saturday, November 05, 2016

Ailing elephant gives birth to male calf in Tamil Nadu

NK Tamil Nadu, Chennai , Oct. 25 : An ailing 45-year-old female elephant gave birth to a male calf in Tamil Nadu's Coimbatore city on Monday.

Forest officials and veterinarians were catering to the animal ever since she was spotted by villagers lying on a ground near a temple last Tuesday.

The animal's condition was not very encouraging as she kept lying on her side. In their bid to revive her, the doctors gave her vitamins and food to which it responded positively.

Later, she was shifted to the Chadivayal elephant camp for proper treatment.

Veterinarian Manoharan said the pachyderm had a normal delivery.

"Today morning around 4:30 a m, she delivered a male baby in lying posture, normal delivery. So probably, the strength, vitamins, minerals, all the support which we gave, gave her the strength to deliver a normal baby. So, now the mother is taking care," said Manoharan.

Manoharan added that they were checking on her health and giving her treatment.

It is believed that the elephant may have strayed from her herd.

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