Saturday, September 16, 2017

Irish lad gets more than he bargained for after stopping to feed wild elephant in Sri Lanka

Ross Fitzgerald was travelling through Sri Lanka with his girlfriend Elaine Harney when they had a hilarious encounter with nature.

AN Irish lad got a lot more than he bargained for when he stopped his tuk-tuk to feed an elephant in Sri Lanka.

Ross Fitzgerald and girlfriend Elaine Harney are currently travelling through the popular island just south of India.

The elephant approaches for some food.

Oops… the animal gets a bit too close.

In a hilarious video, Ross’ girlfriend captured the moment he walked over to the elephant to feed him some food out of his hand.

But the cheeky elephant decided to grab the tuk-tuk with his trunk and started to shake the vehicle.

Screams and laughter can be heard in the background as Ross moves back and the playful elephant pushes the tuk-tuk over on its side.

The video was taken at the Leopard Trails Yala National Park – which is a popular destination with backpackers.

And if Ross’ hashtags are anything to go by, we reckon he’s learned his lesson to not feed wild elephants in future.

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