Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Residents block road after woman killed by elephant

Angry residents blocked the Hambantota Suriyawewa main road on Friday after a 68-year-old woman was killed by a wild elephant while she was sweeping the premises out side her humble home.

P. Babynona was sweeping her garden at about 5.45 a.m. when the attack took place. She died on the
spot from her injuries.

Residents who gathered at the scene blocked the Hambantota-Suriyawewa road in protest claiming
that authorities had done nothing to protect the villagers from elephant attacks.

The residents even surrounded the vehicle of the Suriyawewa Divisional Secretary (DS), who arrived
at the scene to calm the situation. The residents refused to let the vehicle leave the area.

The DS told the residents that the issue of wild elephant attacks was not some thing he could solve

The residents how ever, refused to accept this explanation and continued to block the road for several

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