Sunday, October 29, 2017

Wild elephants storm villages in Thambuththegama

The human-elephant conflict is a large threat in certain rural areas of Sri Lanka. People – adults and children alike, very often lose their lives in this conflict.

The story is the same in the village of Pethiyagama, Thambuththegama. The residents of this village are inconvenienced daily by encroaching wild elephants.

On Monday, September 25, a group of wild elephants stormed the village and destroyed crops.

According to reports from the News 1st correspondent in the area, the wild elephants had been in the village from last afternoon until dawn today, September 26.

Following is a list of villages in Thambuthtegama which are facing the same problem;

Locals charge that the wild elephants have been encroaching their villages for months.

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