Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Elephant attacks luxury bus travelled by Dambulla Acting Magistrate and his family

A wild elephant that was used to grab food from pilgrims visiting the Sithulpavva Temple in Tissamaharamaya, has taken a luxury bus occupied by Dambulla Acting Magistrate and family, into its custody.

One of the occupants of the bus had recorded the moment using his mobile phone.

They encountered this fearful moment when they were travelling towards Sithulpavva Temple, after worshiping Kataragama.

The tusker first walked towards the bus in search of food and as it was not served with food, the angry elephant has smashed the glass panel of the door and had put his trunk inside the bus.

Then he had threatened the occupants by thrusting its head on the bus.

However, the elephant has walked away only after it was offered food.

This elephant is popular as "Kappan Raaju".

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