Thursday, April 19, 2018

Baby elephant rescued from a well by villagers in Sri Lankan

A baby elephant in distressed cried for help and was recused from a well by Sri Lankan villagers.

The four-month-old calf cries for help were noticed by locals who found the baby in a six-feet deep well in Ampara in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka.

A rescue team was called after villagers raised the alarm and officials from the forest and wildlife department rushed to help the calf out of the well.

In the footage, the officials can be seen digging the land around the well using a Backhoe machine and removing the upper cemented block of the well to get the elephant out from it.

Samara Simha, a local villager said: 'Elephants venture into the area to drink water from the wells.

'The calf, part of a large herd, might have fallen into the well as the water level was beyond its reach.'

After 5 long hours of struggle, the forest and wildlife officials finally pulled the animal out from the well.

Footage shows rescuers then applying ointment on the calf's injuries before it ran to its mother, who was standing nearby.

Both the mother elephant and the calf later ran towards the nearby forest.

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