Sunday, June 10, 2018

Thai villager killed by wild elephants

Wild elephants have killed a man in western Thailand as he and other villagers tried to keep the animals away from their crops.

A 54-year-old Thai man has been killed by a herd of wild elephants in the western province of Kanchanburi, in the second dangerous encounter between humans and elephants this month, local media reports say.

The attack involved 10 female elephants and their calves, and occurred late on Sunday as the man and others in his village were trying to keep the animals away from their crops, the Bangkok Post said.

The victim, Thamsin Ratananupappot, was reportedly part of a group of villagers that had been using slingshots to keep the 30-strong herd of elephants out of their village.

The villagers had been patrolling the land, trying to keep elephants from entering, every night for the past month, the Post said.

On May 16, a wild elephant attacked a 73-year-old man in Kanchanaburi province, breaking his ribs and back, but the man survived.

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