Friday, July 06, 2018

The Baby elephant who felt like walking in hell saved by kindness

Our kind and loving team of Wildlife officers brought in a rescued baby elephant for urgent treatments. The baby elephant is in dire pain with a lot of wounds all over its legs. One can only imagine how this baby elephant manages to stand up with such critical condition wounds on the feet. The doctor is here to guide the team towards necessary procedures. They wanted to let the baby elephant layover to the side so they can treat its feet.

They gently pushed the elephant to the side and calmly laid it over a carpet and quickly began giving treatments. The baby elephant is in pain as you can see the baby shivering. The doctor quickly injected the calf with anesthesia to subdue any pain. Others had to proceed towards cleaning the feet and the wounds before applying with medicine.

We hope to see this baby elephant recovering soon. We hope to share the latest news about this situation.

Many injured and lost baby elephants are taken care of by the wildlife officers here at the camp before they are old enough to face to jungle alone with all the dangers lurking around every corner. These baby elephants aren’t in captivity. They will be transported to large areas and national parks on the island such as Yala national park or the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage.

We hope for the best for this innocent animal that got caught in this unfortunate situation. We hope to update you regarding the elephant very soon.

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