Friday, July 06, 2018

Woman killed in wild elephant attack in Amparai

Wildlife officials have widened the search operations to locate Deegadanthu, the wild elephant with the longest tusks in the Kalawewa National Park.

Wildlife officials said that they did not see the tusker that suffered a serious trap-gun injury in one of its legs.

Deegadanthu was reported missing from last Monday (Jun 18).

The veterinarian in charge of North Western and Anuradhapura, Chandana Jayasinghe said that a search operation is currently underway in Kahalla, Pallekelle forest reserve.

Meanwhile, a 55-year old woman was killed in a wild elephant attack at Raswehera in Galgamuwa early this morning (Jun 25).

It was revealed that nearly 10 persons were killed in wild elephant attacks during over the last several days.

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