Friday, March 10, 2017

Elephant uses backside to show safari group her disapproval

An elephant in Sri Lanka showed her displeasure with a safari group's proximity to her herd by rubbing her backside against a safari vehicle.

The video, filmed by a person on a private safari earlier this year at Yala National Park, shows the elephant approach the safari vehicles after apparently becoming displeased at their proximity to her herd, which included at least one baby.

"One of the young females got a little uncomfortable with our presence near the baby and came towards the Jeeps," the filmer wrote online.

"She passed my Jeep very closely and then used her backside to push against the other (which was full of local tourists). The tour guides sprayed water at her to dissuade her from damaging their vehicle. She pressed hard against the truck and then walked away," the filmer said.

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